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  • What is your key hygiene practices? What to expect from you as our wedding makeup artist and hair stylist?
    For makeup services, cleaned with a soap and sanitized makeup brushes will be used for each new client. I never use the brushes after just "brush cleaner". I sharp the pencils before each use. False lashes are fresh out of the box. I clean and disinfect ALL my products, tools, equipments and packages and use sanitising spray on palettes. I use spatulas and mixing palettes to decant cream and liquid products. I do not use them directly from containers. I keep my nails short and clean and hair tied back. I am fully vaaccinated and you are free to ask me to show my coronapass. For hair services, clean tools, combs and brushes will be used. I will wear approved PPE such as masks or face shields and gloves (if needed). All tools and equipment will be sanitized and disinfected between each client. This includes the working area. I acknowledge that all services within this industry may carry some risk and it may not always be possible to keep a safe distance. I will also have sanitizer readily available. My temperature may be checked, if you should feel more comfortable to do so. The work area ideally should be in a well ventilated area with natural lighting and adequate space for me to move around freely. These protocols are subject to change and I will keep you informed and updated every step of the way. I understand that this is a lot of information to take in but if we work together we can reduce our chances of getting infected.
  • How should i prep makeup/hair for the wedding?
    For Makeup: A clean moisturized face is preferred for makeup. Sheet masks are great to use the night before to help plump & hydrate the skin. If you plan to wax or thread your brows/upper lip, please do so a few days before the wedding. A month before your wedding, refrain from getting facials and extractions and stick to skincare that you are familiar with and works. This is not the time to try something new. For Hair: Clean, dry hair is preferred unless stated otherwise during your trial. Refrain from using products containing a lot of silicone, oils ets.
  • Where will my hair & makeup session take place?
    I come to you with my fully mobile kit, including lightning. It's the most relaxing and easiest way and you can get ready in the comfort of your own home or hotel room.
  • How can you make my wedding makeup  look good in photos?
    As a photographer I know the light reflection, the process of the skin tone and how light will reflect onto the makeup, but the usual makeup artists normally don’t know. So I, as a photographer and a makeup artist always apply the makeup on the basis of focusing on lighting and for camera focus.
  • I’m not use to wearing heavy makeup, and would prefer a more natural look. Will I look overdone?
    You are definitely not alone in feeing this way. A lot of my clients are not use to wearing a lot of makeup, however most of them choose to come to me for my natural and soft approach to making up faces. In my opinion, makeup should not be a mask, but more there to accentuate ones natural beauty. I will listen to your needs and wishes to adapt and design a look to suit exactly what you desire.
  • What makeup brands do you use?
    I use a wide range of products from many different brands. I do not solely use one Makeup brand company as I believe each company has a distinct product that they pride themselves on or that I find to favor in most companies. Only high quality and high performing products are in my kit to ensure your makeup is flawless on camera. All products are tested for performance prior to making it into my collection. Brands that you are likely to see in my kit include Charlotte Tibury, Dior, Hourglass, Estee Lauder, MAC, MUFE, Natasha Denona, Nars, Lime Crime, ABH and many more.
  • Why should I pay for a bridal trial?
    A trial is important for many reasons. Approximately 3 hours of time goes into your bridal trial. A full makeup application and/or hair style will be done and you're better able to envision how you will look and feel for your special day. Sometimes this application process is more work than the day of your wedding. A bridal trial includes prep, 1 on 1 time with me (however long we need to achieve your desired look) Post organization: photos - Snap shots will be taken then emailed to you so that you can view your makeup look from all angles and make changes if you need. Products used, and application are all documented. Not only do trials require more time, but it allows us more opportunity to create your desired look and work together before the stress and butterflies on your wedding day.
  • Is a bridal trial required?
    Bridal Trials are not mandatory but highly recommended. I want to provide you with the most efficient and best experience possible. But if you have time, travel or financial constraints, we will organise an online consultation to go through all the details. We will find and share some pictures, perhaps look through Pinterest or some magazines that you like. I will create a look based on what you like, and help you create the look you want to achieve, from vintage to modern to natural.
  • Is it possible to have a trial before booking?
    Yes of course. I would suggest this is carried out sooner rather than later, as dates are not secured until the booking fee is received.
  • How do I book you?
    Once you’ve given me the big thumbs up, I’ll email over the contract, which once returned with your booking fee of 50% will secure your wedding in my schedule.
  • Can you stay all day?
    Of course! Contact me for my ‘PA for the day’ package.
  • Why hiring a make up artist and hair stylist for my wedding is so important?
    If you are a bride and you want to look absolutely flawless on your wedding day, then you must be relying on a professional makeup artist and hair stylist. Actually the hiring a professional makeup artist for your big day should be on top of the list. You're dressing up like a princess, amazing pictures depends on your look to add more extra spice to your special day. Every bride gets stressed out in their wedding time for different reasons mostly about their look. But if you are a bride you need not to worry about when you will do your makeup and how will you do it. The wedding day is not the day to experiment on yourself! Preparing a wedding is extremely stressing and energy draining. The getting ready is supposed to be a fun moment so why add stress to yourself and realize that the inspirations you chose do not match with the final overall look ? Keep that stress away and hire a Professional Makeup Artist. Hiring a makeup artist for your wedding is like having a fairy godmother with you, someone who will take care of you and make sure you look your best on your wedding day. As a makeup artist, I see my job as more than just putting mascara on my bride’s eyes.
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